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what we do

We are a team of specialists in finding the right supplier for you: our expertise and experience in communicating with manufacturers in Asia is our asset and our advantage. We are flexible with a wide range of products and have an extensive logistics and distribution network. Please take a look at our product catalog and introduction for further information.

Our focus is on all the details to make sure we will deliver quality product on a timely basis, but in addition, to pro-act and think ahead so that we will be able to help your business flourish. We offer a one-stop shop service that is hassle-free. We will help you configure your orders and oversee logistics, conducted with the most responsive and efficient customer service from forecasting, with all inclusive service to purchasing, in transit, and all the way to delivery and beyond.

We are here to be your partners for success, and to provide you creative thinking outside of the box when you need it. Please contact us today to discuss the needs you need met!