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Uniwell International is the sole distributor for the Eagle-Pitcher Keeper PT series battery in South America and Africa. Keeper PT series is the Li-SOCl 2 battery (lithium thionyl chloride battery). Among lithium batteries, Li-SOCl 2 battery is the most reliable product for present electronic and industrial devices, because of its good characteristics especially in electrical reliability in various conditions, long shelf life, long service life and safety. The application include utility meter, security systems, tracking systems and memory back up.

Lithium-thionyl chloride IEC Standard Size Voltage (V) Capacity (AH) Download
PT2100 ER14505 AA 3.6 2.4 Download
PT2150 ER14252 1/2AA 3.6 1.2 Download
PT2175 ER14335 2/3AA 3.6 1.65 Download
PT2200H ER26500 C 3.6 8.5 Download
PT2300H ER32615 D 3.6 19 Download
HP5134 ER33065 1/10D 3.6 1.0 Download